Last week I joined KUOW’s The Record Host Bill Radke, Q13 Fox Political Analyst, C.R. Douglas, and Senior Vice President at Civic Ventures, Jessyn Farrell, for a spirited debate on Week in Review. We covered a range of topics from local initiatives, King County going Blue, Amazon’s HQ2 news and whale watching. Listen Now.


I had the pleasure of joining host Bill Radke and professor in acting and directing and head of performance at the University of Washington School of Drama, Valerie Curtis-Newton, on KUOW’s The Record. We discussed many of the topics you might be thinking about this Monday, including:

Is Amazon and Jeff Bezos doing enough to help Seattle?

Why have 25,000,000 people already watched Childish Gambino’s This is America, and what does it mean?

How do we separate the art from the artist?

Listen to the discussion now.